Metal Roofing

Snap Lock, installation-wise, is eco exteriors smartest and most neatly designed panel, Snap Lock is the panel of choice for those who want a commercial or residential roof to stand out and impress.

Engineered to be installed without the specialized tight-seaming clips, Snap Lock is a profile that snaps down on one side and is screwed down through its fabricated pleated edge on the other. Ā Snap Lock must be installed over a solid substrate, such as plywood.

The Snap Lock panel finishes any structure with a clean, hidden fastener steel design that has the power to elevate the status and value whatever structure it finishes.


  • 12″-16″ panel coverage
  • 1″ & 1.5″ rib heigths
  • concealed fastener architectural metal roof panel
  • custom lengths from 3′-45′
  • gauges: 26ga and 24ga steel
  • coloured and Galvalumeā„¢ and Agalume finish
  • applies over solid substrate
  • purpose: roofing panel
  • raised seam prevents water penetration
  • hidden fastener system
  • striking appearance
  • easy to install
  • low maintenance
  • great for new construction & re-roofing projects

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